Cone Holders

      The Cone Holders by In The Ditch® are the perfect way to mount your traffic cones on a carrier or flatbed truck. Also, these Cone Holders ship flat and install easily.

      Also, mounting is a snap, the holder simply bolts to the side of any tool box or flat vertical surface. Additionally, this mount holds five 18" cones and is made from 1/8" aluminum.

      Roadside Accessories Meant to Make Your Life Easier

      Like most products we sell, the In The Ditch® Traffic Cone Holders were born out of necessity. In The Ditch® creates this product because they can not find anyone that builds exactly what they are looking for. Naturally, they put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. And now, truck drivers use these all over the world.

      In The Ditch® makes this mount out of aluminum so it can hold up to years of abuse. Like all of our products, we make this right here in the USA with pride!

      • Mount your traffic cones on a carrier or flatbed truck
      • Quickly access cones from under a fixed deck
      • Holds up to Six traffic cones
      • Made of 1/8" Aluminum
      • Proudly Made in the USA
      • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee