Pegboard Heavy Duty Storage Hooks and Hangers

      Get your garage organized today with our 3" Heavy Duty Storage Pegboard Hooks and Hangers. Available in 3 lengths to meet your heavy hanging and storage needs: 3”, 5”, and 7”.

      Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction and triangulated design gives these wall hooks a 100lb load rating, when properly installed to a solid surface. Also includes Quick Mount™ Pegboard Mounting Screws.

      Storage Hooks and Hangers Built to Last

      Like most products we make, the Inventive® Products Storage Hooks were born out of necessity. We design the Heavy Duty Storage Hangers in house. Simply because we could not find anyone that builds exactly what we are looking for. Naturally, we put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. And now we use these in our facility every day.

      In conclusion, you can buy with confidence knowing that we make these Storage Racks with pride, in the USA.

      • Includes Quick Mount™ Pegboard Screws
      • Triangulated design for added strength in all directions
      • Tall hook end and sloped hanger section keeps items securely on the hook and pushed toward the wall
      • Made of Aluminum for light weight and high strength
      • Built to mount to any flat surface in your garage or trailer including metal, drywall, pegboard, and wood
      • Designed by us, tested, and used daily in our own facility
      • Proudly Made in the USA
      • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee