Powerlift™ Adjustable Height HD Work Table



Size (Width)

  • Power Adjustable from 33.5” to 49.5” in worktop height 
  • Able to lift, lower, and hold up to 2,300 lbs on the worktop
  • Control Pad can save up to four preset heights for multiple users
  • Plugs into 110 outlet with 8’ Power Cord 
  • Maintains working height and holding capacity without power 
  • Built in USB charging port 
  • Customizable with multiple colors, and accessories
  • Standard with a heavy duty ¼” thick steel worktop 
  • Standard with (4) HD Casters with locking brakes 
  • Standard ¼” Holes with 1” spacing on the side of the table for mounting our accessories 
  • Built to last with heavy duty steel construction and powder coated finish 
  • Tables ship on a pallet and comes fully assembled (*HD Casters require installation*)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials 
  • Inventive® Products 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

The Powerlift™ Adjustable Height HD Work Table is a multi-functional solution that features powered electric lift columns that can raise and lower the work surface. 

Easily go from a sitting to standing work position with the touch of the integrated keypad. You can adjust the work table from 33.5” to 49.5” in worktop height. The work table is able to lift, lower, and hold up to 2,300 lbs on the worktop. Even if you lose power, it will maintain its working height. 

This work table has plenty of uses around the home, garage, shop, and other workspaces. With multiple colors and accessories to choose from, we are confident we have a work table for you.

  • $299.99 Flat Rate Shipping in the lower 48 United States
  • Orders ship on a pallet and come fully assembled (*HD Casters require installation*) 
  • Orders are able ship to residential and commercial addresses 
  • Orders typically ship within 7-10 business days 
  • For orders outside of the lower 48 United States and International, please contact us for a freight quote to ship to your location

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Elevate Your Workspace

Easily go from a sitting to standing work position with the touch of a button. You can adjust the work tables from 33.5” to 49.5” in worktop height


Using our Powerlift™ electric lift columns, these HD Work Tables can lift, lower, and hold 2,300 lbs while on the worktop.

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Built to Last

Our HD Work Tables are built to last with heavy duty steel construction, and powder coated finish.

Ships Fully Assembled

Our HD Work Tables come fully assembled and ready to work. (*HD Casters require installation)

Ships right to your Door

We designed our HD Work Tables to easily ship to most residential addresses in the lower 48 United States.

1 Year limited warranty

We're dedicated to building high quality products, all backed by a 1 year warranty. We stand behind our products.

Built in the USA with Globally sourced Materials

We build every HD Work Table right here in the USA utilizing the best materials from around the globe.

30 Day Money back Guarantee

We confidently offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We know you'll love this HD Work Table!

Tech Specs

Table Specs¹ Work Top² Weight Capacity³ Height Range⁴
60" W
36" D
33.5" H
1/4" Steel 450 lbs 2,300 lbs 33.5" - 49.5"
72" W
36" D
33.5" H
1/4" Steel 500 lbs 2,300 lbs 33.5" - 49.5"

Table dimensions with casters and table in lowest position


Work top material and thickness


Table lifting and holding capacity

Lowest and Highest positions for the work top

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The ability to move my desk up or down as needed has benefited me as I have never had the option to sit or stand while working previously. I have chronic back pain, so having the option to stand up and stretch my back or sit at my desk helps me a lot.

Stacey C.

Great weld table. It easily reaches a comfortable height for me to work on. I’m 6’5” and I haven’t been able to find a solution until now! Big back pain saver. Wheels are high quality and make it really easy to move the table around even with heavy items on top. Looking forward to using the storage under the table for clamps and stuff.

Brian Z.

The Mobile Powered Table is a great addition to any shop that wants convenience and function ability in a workstation. The mobility and programmable lift function is a TIME SAVER. This is a Strong and useful table that would add style and functionality to any workplace. If you want to set yourself ahead of the competition, this is the product for you. Made in the USA! Highly recommend it.

Chris F.

After working at a desk that is this easy to adjust, you begin to wish that every other surface was the same way. This is an ingenious solution to the problematically restrictive nature of fixed work surfaces. It’s flexible and adapts directly to the user, to meet their needs, and this honestly seems like the way it should always be.”

Milo B.

The Powerlift Welding Table has been a real back saver. Never realized how nice it would be to keep everything at the right height. Money well spent!

Chuck C.

The Powerlift Desk is a quality made in America product. It has plenty of space and shelves to keep everything neat and organized. The adjustability feature is amazing, after standing all day it is nice to be able to come sit down at a comfortable height. At the same time, it is nice to be able to raise it up to have visibility for a meeting around the desk. Definitely recommend.

Brad P.

I love my new Powerlift Desk. Most of the time I really enjoy standing at my desk, but once in a while it is great to lower it down and take a seat. I really like that my entire work space travels up and down so I don’t give anything up when I move it. The stainless steel notepad is awesome for writing quick notes while I am on the phone and I don’t have to clutter my workspace with notepads. Looks like we are going to change out to Powerlift Desks for the rest of our office. Can’t wait to see the new look of the office.

Steve D.

I looked at all the desks on the market and nothing came close to the quality & looks of the Powerlift Desk. I also like that it is Made in the USA. I highly recommend it.


The quality and functionality of the Powerlift desk is amazing. I installed mine in our home office and it looks great with lots of compliments. I especially like that the PC is not sitting on my floor making it easier to clean. Four stars!

Laurie C.

Amazing quality and top notch fit and finish. I love the height adjustment for different projects and the ease of moving it around is fantastic compared to all the other tables I’ve used. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add a weld table to their shop and certainly for those who want to upgrade their old tables.

Christian H.

Great utility welding table with easy customization. The design is very stout and heavy. Virtually no rocking but still glides across my shop floor with soft casters. It came on a pallet with some ramps. I was able to roll it off by myself, but I would recommend bringing some buddies over to help. I figured out I could set the height of the table to match the bed of my truck to slide my flat stock right onto the table. Saved me the hassle of carrying it by hand to my racks. Will be purchasing more accessories to slap on my new kickass weld table.

Wyatt U.

I love this weld table. I got the small one for my home shop. It has been great for all my projects. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a multi purpose workstation as well. It also upgrades the look of my home shop. It’s a great centerpiece.

Benjamin James

I enjoy the convenience of being able to adjust the height of the table to accommodate for different tasks. You can also utilize different pre chosen table heights for quick repositioning. The holes placed in the top of the table enable for clamping down work pieces and to be able to drill holes through material without damaging the table top. The placement of the pegboard holes on the side of the table are useful for hanging tools and parts as well as items that have been painted, waiting for paint to dry. It is built out of thick, durable material and is perched on heavy duty casters with brakes. All of these high-quality characteristics as well as being designed and manufactured in “Small Town” America makes this table a great addition to any shop.

Guy K.

The weld tables are a well put together piece of equipment and a vital part of any weld shop. It’s a solid sturdy table with little to no flex or sway and can be adjusted up and down to fit any working height. One of the best features on the table are the holes drilled through the top, they are used to fit clamps into so that odd shaped parts can be clamped down from multiple angles. And to top it off, it is American made.

Brent L.

I'm really loving this new weld/fab table from Inventive! As a performance automotive fabricator, this table has it all. Adjustable height presets, and universal tool rests get me and the work in position quickly every time, no matter what I'm working on. The heavy duty perforated top makes attaching my jigs and supports a breeze, and the catch trays help the slag and grit off my shop floor making my end of day cleanup easy. I've put this table through some serious abuse on a daily basis and it never misses a lick, the craftsmanship is just top shelf. And, it's American made, by fabricators themselves who know what we need to do our jobs the best, with real and solid customer support. 10/10, 5-Stars!!

Jeremy A.

Quality built, very convenient and simple to use. The holes to allow for clamps are an excellent added touch that take this table to the next level. Plenty of storage area on the rack below as well. Raise and lower feature is a total back saver and makes it easy to get the best working angle on any project. 10/10.

Abram H.

I have used several different sit/stand devices before, all of which were placed on the desk and only raised the monitors and keyboards. However, everything else that I needed was still on the desk and out of easy reach. The Powerlift Desk, on the other hand, keeps all of the essentials right at my fingertips. The adjustable height feature makes setting up the desk a breeze - no need to crawl on the floor to connect everything to the PC! The tie wrap slots make cable management a breeze, resulting in a clean and organized desk.

Bryan S.

This is a good looking product that helps clean up and organize your shop.

Shannon Allison