Trash Cans and Mounts For Your Truck and Trailer

      • Durable, long lasting materials - Steel and Aluminum.
      • Easily Mount trash cans to trucks or trailers
      • Made in the USA!

      The Trash Cans and Mounts are brought to you by In The Ditch®.  They are a great way to keep your truck, trailer and your local roads clean. They are made from a durable 1/8" thick Aluminum. This keeps your trash can mount looking sharp, even after years of faithful service. Easily mount it to any horizontal flat surface.

      Like most products we sell, the In The Ditch® these were born out of necessity. In The Ditch® creates these products because they could not find anyone that builds exactly what the industry professionals are looking for. Naturally, In The Ditch® put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. And now, tow truck drivers use these all over the world.

      In conclusion, you can buy with confidence knowing that In The Ditch® makes these products with pride, in the USA.